Side Channel Blowers

ESAM side-channel blowers / aspirators are designed & manufactured with precision detail under the quality program of ISO 9001 and built with die-cast aluminium alloy wherever possible. This ensures high performance, reduces production costs, increases output and fosters quality uniformity. Manufactured in Parma Italy, all our units are tested rigorously and our commitment is to ensure that with every side channel blower purchased, if installed by a qualified technician will be relatively maintenance free, reliable and environmentally safe to run continuously with maximum output.


• Low Noise

• Maintenance Free

• Reliable

• Environmentally Safe

• Single-stage side-channel blowers are compact and suitable for continuous operation

• Two-stage blowers can be connected in series for better pressure difference (models 2V) or in parallel for better airflow (model 1AC)



Specifications 50 Hz Single Phase Electrical Motors:
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Specifications 50 Hz Three Phase Electrical Motors:
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