GOSPIN Series, the classical drainage pumps with strainer and rigid casting are engineered for top quality and high performance in various effluent pumping applications for commercial and industrial sectors.

Technical Specifications Pump Type: Electrical Submersible Pump 3-ph
Classification: IP 68
Max submersion: 20 meters
Cable: PVC (CSA Certified) / H07RN-F
Impeller Type: Semi-Open
Limitations (pH range): pH 5-8
Max Liquid Temp: 40°C


Motor Type: Induction
Poles: 2 Pole
Rated Output: 3.7kW (5HP)
Discharge Outlet: 80mm (3″) / 100mm (4″)
Shaft speed [r.p.m.] 2850
Rated Head: 20m (66′)
Rated Flow: 8.3L/s (132gpm) / 10L/s (158gpm)
Max Head: 27m (89′) / 25m (82′)
Max Flow: 15.8L/s (251gpm) / 16.7L/s (264gpm)
Solid Passage [mm] 9mm (0.4″)
Height [mm] 613mm (24.1″)
Diameter [mm] 522mm (20.6″)
Weight [kg] 56kg