Designed for handling raw sewage and various wastewater treatments, the cutting mechanism shreds fibrous materials into small pieces to prevent from clogging.

Technical Specifications Pump Type: Electrical Submersible Pump 1-ph & 3-ph
Classification: IP 68
Max submersion: 20 meters
Cable: PVC (CSA Certified) / H07RN-F
Impeller Type: Semi-Open Channel Cutter
Limitations (pH range): pH 5-8
Max Liquid Temp: 40°C


Motor Type: Induction
Poles: 2 Pole
Rated Output: 0.75kW (1HP)
Discharge Outlet: 50mm (2″)
Shaft speed [r.p.m.] 2850
Rated Head: 8m (26′)
Rated Flow: 3.3L/s (53gpm)
Max Head: 10m (33′)
Max Flow: 6.7L/s (106gpm)
Solid Passage [mm] 26mm (1″)
Height [mm] 434mm (17.1″)
Diameter [mm] 301mm (11.9″)
Weight [kg] 22kg